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Get to Know Us

Benvenuti to Iris + Callisto’s Apiary,

We are locals who love honey, bees, food, and the planet!

We cannot control where our wild bees may fly and pollinate, but we can control the homes and resources we give them.  We call ourselves ‘a Wood and Wax Apiary’ because we do our best to avoid plastic materials to keep our bees and their products as healthy as can be!

Our Apiary practices ‘Balanced Beekeeping’; we strive to provide the best quality we can while paying careful attention to the care and wellbeing of our bees. 

We enjoy finding a balance between the use of traditional and ancient beekeeping methods with modern science and technology for sustainability and to maintain healthy, happy bees and natural, local, clean honey.

We are a Certified Naturally Grown Apiary (CNG) and want to provide products that we love, use and are proud to share.

 We also hope to provide as much education and information to the consumer as possible because in knowledge is power ‘scientia potentia est’.

Please enjoy our CNG raw unfiltered honey, natural honeycomb, our variety of infused honeys, and other hive products.

Fun services offered for all those interested in beekeeping and honey through our program:

‘Bee Api’

Honey Shares for purchase-includes workshop, hive visit, and honey allotment.

Bee Hive Management -from start to finish and you do as much or as little as you like.

Education/Outreach/Workshops-on site at apiaries, desired locations, or virtually (great for clubs, community gardens, schools, parties etc. )

 …so ‘Bee Api’ we’ve got you taken care of!

Where the rainbow meets the heavens and earth, is where our happy bees live.

Learn more about us in these articles! Please click here or here (page 57).


Iris & Callisto’s

Our Associations

CNG-Certified Naturally Grown
DBA- Delaware Beekeeping Association
CCBA-Chester County Beekeeping Association

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